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Me-Mail Office Services

Me-Mail helps people without computers to have access to the benefits of email and the internet.
Of course our office has all of the equipment to carry out the tasks small businesses need doing every day.
It is almost as easy for us to turn your dictation into a typed letter as it was to send it as an e-mail.
So when members join they can opt for a level of services to suit themselves.
If you are a sole trader and hate writing letters you can dictate your letter to our staff and they will turn it into a professional letter which can be sent by mail, by us.
If you have allowed us to design your Website then you know that you are receiving a world wide audience for your goods or services.
If we have obtained an email address for you we could be monitoring it for you for as little as 20 per quarter (about 30p per working day) on our Domestic Tarrif.
There are no hidden costs when you use our prepaid services.
You choose from our off the shelf packages and pay the same fee each quarter or month depending on your preference.

We can keep in contact with you wherever you are to keep you up to date with your mail.
We can even act as your secretarial service if you wish.

It is easy to contact us so don't hesitate.