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Email Set up and monitoring

What We Offer
  1. Setting up cost for lifetime email
  2. Checking email
  3. Forwarding email to you
  4. Domestic Use email prepayment
  5. Business Rates
  6. Special Services - convert emails to letters
  7. Special Offer - email for as little as 25p


1, Setting up cost for lifetime* email address £20

2, Checking email

  1. Weekly £20 per quarter
  2. Daily £45 per quarter
  3. Twice Daily £75 per quarter

3, Forwarding email to you

Supplementary charges for contact to Mobile Phone or by Fax add 90p per call.
By monthly post only (Free if other tariff in 3 is already chosen) £15 per quarter.

*Lifetime email addresses are not sold. We charge for our work in setting it up and modifying it for your convenience..

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Sending emails

Customers can choose how they wish to purchase email credits*.
They can choose one of our domestic prepayment rates or they can opt for a business rate which charges a quarterly fee but can be much cheaper per email.

4, Domestic Use Email Prepayment

£25 for 10 email credits* (£2.50 per email credit)
£50 for 25 email credits* (£2.00 per email credit)
Prepayment email credits must be used within 12 months of purchase

5, Business Rates

Starter Office Package
Up to 65 emails per quarter (as low as £1.75 per credit) £113.75
Intermediate Office Package
Up to 260 emails per quarter (as low as £1.25 per credit) £325.00
Advanced Office Package
Up to 1300 emails per quarter (as low as £1.00 per credit) £1,300.00
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Email credits can be used to purchase word processing at the following rates:

For just 4 email credits you can dictate a single page letter over the phone.
It is then typed with your address at the head of the page and posted to your contact first class.

Also for just 4 email credits you can dictate a single page letter over the phone and have it typed and faxed to your contact within the hour.

That's right for as little as £4 per letter you have the equivalent of your own secretary, word processor and fax machine.

We can be your fax address.

If you want us to monitor your faxes we can do it for the same rates as your email in 2 above.

7, Special Offer

Let us keep your address book up to date
For an annual payment of £20 we will enter every contact you email or who emails to you in your address book.
Then when you need to contact a number of people at once you can make use of our special duplicate email rate.

Duplicate email rate (as low as 25p per email)

You can send the same email to 4 of your contacts for just 1 credit (plus the cost of the original email).
So if you need to give a wide number of people the same message you pay 1 credit for the original message and then one credit per 4 addresses taken from your address book.

N.B. We do not accept purchased email lists and do not send unsolicited emails.

* an email credits is an email of no more than 100 words.

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